Our Location

Our Location


We are located on the west side of Christchurch International Airport, at Harewood Aviation Park (follow the signs on McLeans Island Road), about 8km from the centre of the city.

The Club is unique in that it has access to both a grass runway, located directly in front of the Club’s modern buildings, and to two international standard sealed runways.

The views of a major airport from the Clubhouse lounge are unparalleled in New Zealand.


West Melton

We have our own satellite airfield at West Melton, just six minutes flight time from Christchurch International Airport.

With six runways and a Clubhouse complete with BBQ terrace and log fire, West Melton is a great place for club members to train and socialise.  Club  training is carried out every weekend at NZWL.

The exclusivity of West Melton as our own airfield means members can learn and practise in uncluttered airspace and concentrate on honing their skills uninterrupted in the local circuit.

Club days and competition events are held regularly at West Melton. 


For our North Canterbury (north of the Waimakariri River) and Rangiora based members we provide training from Rangiora Airfield every day of the week.

Rangiora Airfield was founded in 1958 by members of the Canterbury Aero Club and local business people, hence the association with the area is a long and proud tradition. 

Rangiora has six runways and a well equipped, welcoming clubhouse with the added luxury of an open fire for social events in winter and a sundeck for aviation tale spinning.

Club days and competition events are held regularly at Rangiora.

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